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Roswell 2016 UFO Festival - June 30-July 3
The 2016 festival was great success as I sold out of books in the first three days. Both lectures were well received and it was great to renew old friendships from my work in UFOlogy. The event continues to improve in the very capabale hands of Karen Jaramillo and its new director Jim Hill. I look forward to returning for the 2017 event. 
Roswell UFO Festival - 2015 - July 3rd to July 5th.
I attented the 2015 Roswell UFO festival as a guest speaker and author at the International UFO Museum and Research Center (IUFOMRC). I sold out of books halfway through the three day event and had to take orders for 10 additional books to ship later. This was my fifth year as an invited speaker at the museum and it was the best one yet. My hat is off to Mark Brisco and his staff, especiall Karen Jaramillo, for an outstanding and well run event. I also had the honor of being made a lifetime member of the IUFOMRC. Other speakers at the museum were, Thomas J. Carey, Stanton T. Friedman (who wrote the forward to my book), Patty Greer, Captain Ken Hudnall, Frank Kimbler, Sharon King, Tom Kilbride, Jesse Marcel, III, Denice Marcel, Kathleen Marden (who wrote most of the abduction chapter in my book), Thomas Reed, Ronald Regehr, Peter Robbins, Alejandro Rojas, Donald R. Schmitt, Derrel W. Sims, Yvonne Smith, and Travis Walton. Looking forward to 2016. See Photo Page (Problems with photo's will hopefully be resolved shortly)

Coast to Coast AM


I was asked last week to be a guest on Coast to Coast AM from 3 to 5 AM EDT this morning, May 17. Unfortuantly I didn't have time to get a notice up on my web site but those interested can hear the transcribed interview on the Coast web site. Dave Schrader was the guest hoast and did a terrific job. The two hours felt like 15 minutes and we were only able to scratch the surface of issues in the book. I hope they will have me back to get deeper into the book.


Larry Holcombe's hats courtesy of High Brehm Hats, New Braunfels, Texas

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While the new site is being constructed you can contact Larry at larryholcombe1@gmail.com for general information or to order a copy of The Great River Disclosure.
Roswell UFO Festival - July 2nd to July 5th, 2015
I will be attending the festival again this year with two lectures on the Roswell crash and my new book. Looking forward to a great fun event and meeting many who are interested in the UFO phenomena, renewing relationships with UFO researchers, and of course the chance to promote my new book.


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The Presidents and UFOs

A Secret History from FDR to Obama

My First work of non-fiction was released by my publisher, St. Martin's Press, on March 17, 2015. I am pleased to announce that the worldwide audio rights to the book have been sold, as well as rights to Italian and Japaneese publishers. The Italian version of the book will be released by Edizioni Piemme SPA of Milano, Italy in September of 2015. 


My friend, nuclear physicist, Stanton Friedman, MSc, has graciously written the books forward. Also, I have been fortunate to receive  endorsements from a number of outstanding UFO researchers including, Kathleen Marden, Nick Pope, Robert Salas, and Robert Emenegger, the writer and co-producer of the outstanding NBC-TV documentary, UFOS: Past, Present and Future. I have also received outstanding support in my research from others such as Dr. Robert Wood and Ryan Wood, www.majesticdocuments.comArt Campbell, whose many years of research in the UFO crash at The Plains of San Augustin is nothing short of outstanding, Dr. Lynne Kitei, MD, www.thephoenixlights.net, has been extremely helpful in discussion of the Phoenix Lights sightings. Ann Druffel, kept my discussion totally accurate on one of the true hero's in UFO research, Dr. James E. McDonald, the famed atmospheric physicists from the University of Arizona. These people and many others have been a much appreciated resource in the development of this book.


I would also like to thank the archivist at the George H.W. Bush Library, the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library, the John F. Kennedy Library, and the Gerald R. Ford Library for their most helpful support.


 My agent at Foundry Media in NYC, and my editor at St. Martin's Press in NYC have given me superior support. They are special, as is the team established to make this a successful and exciting project.  





Satan's Angel

Satan's Angel, the second in The Great River Disclosure trilogy was released in ebook format in 2012. The book is still available in ebook format but unfortunately contractual issues with the publisher have not seen the book published in book form. Updates will be posted as to the future of this book.





The Great River Disclosure
 is a political/military thriller with a science fiction twist. Most of the action is centered in and around the Northern Neck of Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay. Although the plot is fiction it is based on legitimate research into the most intriguing scientific phenomenon in history.
The book is currently available from Amazon, Brandylane Publishers, Barns and Noble, and all leading booksellers. It can also be ordered personalized directly from the author using PayPal. The price of $16.95 includes shipping and handling. Please contact the author at larryholcombe1@gmail.com on how you wish the book personalized (name, wording, etc.)

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The 2012 Roswell UFO Festival

I was again invited by the UFO Museum and Research Center to attend the 2012 UFO festival as a guest author at the museum. This  event is the largest yearly New Mexico festival drawing over 30,000 visitors to the 4 day, 4th of July holiday event. The museum staff were gracious hosts to all invited authors and researchers making the event a true delight. I was especially delighted to again meet many highly respected ufologists including Stanton Friedman, Don Schmitt, Tom Carey, and a number of others. I was also delighted at the attendence for my two lectures on The History of Presidents and the UFO Enigma.

UFO Museum and Research Center - Roswell, NM
Museum Floor


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 January 13, 2017 - Due to time restraints and work issues it has been some time since I have updated my web site. I am considering securing the services of a webmaster to keep my site up to date and hope to do so shortly. In the meantime I want to update my work or research following the release of, The Presidents and UFOs, and the direction of said research.
First, the release of the soft cover of the above book was this past August. It includes a four chapter "Afterword" that covers some issues I missed in the original hardcover book. Most notably is The Gary Beebe Story and his close relationship with Roswell major players, Walter Haut, Glenn Dennis and Jesse Marcel, Jr. Gary had a close relationship with these men and others involved in the Roswell story and knows a great deal about the inside of the story. However, Gary wanted to remain anonymous and not get mixed up in the infighting with UFOlogy researchers.
Gary noted my work and contacted me. After some time he gave me his name and background on how he became involved in the Roswell story. We have stayed in close contact for the last two years or so and are working together on a new book detailing his 20 plus years as a close friend of the above Roswell insiders. A glimpse of Gary's story, in his own words, is in the afterword of the soft cover release of The Presidents and UFOs.
The second issue that has consumed much of my time is researching, "The Doug Locke Story." Anyone who read the hardcover or now the softcover of my book knows that Doug Locke was an older friend of mine from around 1960 when I was in high school. Doug was in the Air Force around 1950 to 1954 and was a judo instructor at Biggs AFB, Texas to pilots from Biggs and surrounding bases, including Roswell, AFB. In 1960 he found out about my interest in flying saucers and told me stories told to him by pilots he instructed in judo about their encounters with strange flying saucers and crashed saucers. He also said that Roswell AFB (a place I had never heard of) was the center of saucer data and retrieval including humanoid bodies. He told me of a bomber pilot stationed in Roswell that told him he had flown crashed saucer debris and non-earthly bodies to Wright Field. Keep in mind this was in 1960 or 20 years before the Roswell story broke
My old friend died in the late 1970's from asbestos poisoning so his Biggs AFB  story is lost. What I have been able to do is find that his story about how he became a judo instructor at Biggs AFB and how Gen. Curtis LaMay and his subordinate, Gen. Thomas Power, set up this program is fact. I am now in the process of obtaining Doug's Air Force records through the National Archives & Records Administration. I of course don't have Doug's SS number or his exact birth date or his military ID numbers. However, before he died he sued Johns-Manville Corp. in the Supreme Court of Virginia and I have the transcript of that case including his interrogatory which gives me much information that I didn't have, such as his AF enlistment and discharge dates. 
I believe this to be a major part of the Roswell story, the work continues.
Finally, I have once again been invited to the Roswell UFO festival from June 30th to July 2nd of this year. Alice and I look forward to our annual visit to this wonderful southwest city, and I look forward to being able to lecture on my favorite subject, Roswell, at their 70th anniversary of the Roswell event as well as renew old friendships.
News Release - July 23, 2015 - I am pleased to announce that Sony Pictures has optioned the film rights to my book. How Sony proceeds with their option will be announced at a future date. I am delighted that Sony saw worth in my work and I'm excited to see how this develops in movie or TV production.
News Release - August 26, 2016 - The Presidents and UFOs: A Secret History From FDR to Obama was released this month in paperback by St. Martin's Press. The paperback release includes an "Afterword" of four additional chapters not covered in the hardcover version. I would ask the reader to pay special attention to The Doug Locke Story as it adds great support to the Roswell incident being an extraterrestrial event. I would also call your attention to little known Roswell insider, Gary Beebe, who has remained silent for twenty some years not wishing to be caught up in the Roswell issue. For the first time Gary is coming forward with a rich history of his close friendship with Walter Haut, Glenn Dennis, and Jesse Marcel, Jr. Gary and I are now working on a book covering his twenty years of close associations with the major players in the Roswell crash of 1947.

Many thanks to the hard work of my editor at St. Martins Press, Marc Resnic, and the stafft at SMP. Also, my agent, Peter McGuigan, and the staff a Foundry Literary and Media. 

I have been invited again by the International UFO Museum and Research Center to give two lectures at the annual Roswell UFO festival the 3rd through the 5th of July. Alice and I enjoy this fun event every year, and seeing old friends and meeting the warm and friendly people of Roswell and visitors from around the world to the festival. 

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