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Satan's Angel Short Synopsis


     Tragedy struck Pam Jarvis when the sixteen year old girl was raped by her brutal father. In a drunken rage the billionaire industrialist had strangled her mother to death before turning on his daughter. Fleeing the rape and murder her father moved to the east coast leaving her the house, money, servants and pregnant. For the next sixteen years the young girl lived a life of seclusion in their Honolulu mansion raising her mentally challenged daughter and fighting the demons of her past. When the father is killed in an attempt to assassinate the President of the United States Pam inherits his fortune and his twenty one high tech businesses.     
Now 32 years old, the beautiful young woman and her daughter are staying in a Virginia resort while attorneys sort out her business interests. By chance Pam meets Matt Laveau the son of flamboyant TV Evangelist Luther Laveau. There is instant chemistry and within a few short months the couple is married at the Laveau Texas ranch.     
The joy of her new life and that of her daughter and husband is soon threatened. Sinister officials running one of Jarvis's businesses involved in black government projects finds the removal of Pam from the business to be in their best interest. Using New Orleans mob boss Sonny Balboa these men attempt to have Pam and her family murdered. Working behind the scenes and unknown to Pam or Matt is a shadowy figure known as The Swimmer. He is a paid assassin and the only person who can prevent the murders. 
The action races from the Great River Resort on Virginia's Northern Neck to the South Texas Planes and across the Pacific to Honolulu and Oahu. A killer tries
to stop the murder of this young girl, her husband and her remarkable daughter, while he avenges the murder of a man with whom he shared the secret of his own life.